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Women’s health?

Here at Centre of Health, we understand that women can experience a unique range of health issues pertaining to their menstrual cycle. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, many of these issues are considered avoidable through lifestyle and dietary changes. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine have also been shown to effectively reduce the symptoms of such conditions as period pain, PMS, endometriosis and PCOS, as well as symptoms associated with menopause.
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Period pain

Many women believe that symptoms such as irritability and mood swings around the period, or breast tenderness or clotting in the menstrual flow are normal symptoms that you should just “put up with”. In Chinese Medicine, we view these as signs that the body is not in perfect harmony. Because we have a way of diagnosing and classifying these types of symptoms, we also have tried and tested treatment strategies. The earliest recorded textbook devoted purely to gynaecology in Chinese Medicine was written in 1237AD, however descriptions of gynaecological treatments were recorded as early as 500BC. So, we have a long history of knowledge to draw from. If you suffer from painful periods there is a good chance that our experienced Chinese Medicine practitioners can help.


Anxious? Irritable? Trouble sleeping? Running hot? There’s a host of symptoms associated with peri-menopausal and menopausal changes. Some of them, such as hot flushes and mood shifts, are well known, but others, such as increased tendency to muscles and tendon strains, are often overlooked. Again, Chinese Medicine views all these distressing symptoms as a sign of imbalance which can be corrected with the appropriate treatment. Our practitioners can help you navigate the “Change of Life” with ease and help you find your inner calm and cool.
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We support couples and singles at every step in their journey to parenthood. From laying the groundwork and helping interpret Western Medicine test results, through to preconception, pregnancy support and post-natal care, our team is here to help.