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Sports injury?

“When I was playing footy there was nothing more frustrating than being sidelined with an injury, not able to play the sport you love”,

Milos Zika (BAppSc.Physio)

Numerous studies have proven that early treatment following acute sports injuries with modalities such as joint mobilisations, remedial massage and dry needling result in a faster return to sport. Conversely, research shows that sports injuries that have delayed treatment and rehabilitation take longer to heal with higher recurrence rates.

Sports physio Milos Zika is an expert at sports injuries in Ivanhoe
"Sports injury physio Milos Zika in his Fitzroy Football Club days"
We can assist with the acute management of your sports injury by reducing pain, swelling and restoring movement. While also identifying and correcting any underlying vulnerabilities that may have contributed to the problem.

So whether you’re trying to overcome an injury to return to competitive sport or you’ve just strained something while jogging in the park, don’t delay treatment. Get help from experienced sports physios in Ivanhoe. Call for a consultation so you can get back to training and playing your best.

We work with many of the Sports Medicine doctors and Radiology clinics in the Ivanhoe, East Ivanhoe, Heidelberg and surrounding areas.