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Physiotherapy and Chinese Medicine for Kids

Physio & TCM for kids and teenagers.
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We do treat many babies and children in our clinic for various issues. Children tend to respond quickly to Chinese medicine treatment, whether through specific massage, herbs or using specific dietary and lifestyle advice. Acupuncture for children can also be useful if the child is open to it, and they are usually surprised at how little discomfort they feel. They often say “Is that it?” or don’t even realise the acupuncture has been done! With acupuncture for kids, the needles do not need to be left in as with an adult, so they are not required to lie still for a long time.

Most commonly with children though, we use paediatric massage techniques, and teach the parents how to perform these for home treatment.

Our practitioners are all super friendly and great with kids. It’s one of the most rewarding parts of our clinic work to see young people growing and thriving. We find that establishing a great relationship with the young person is paramount, so they actually look forward to coming in, and have a positive treatment experience.


We often do physio for kids and teenagers in the clinic, mostly for musculoskeletal problems. These include the growing pain type problems, such as Sever’s heel, Osgood Schlatter’s disease and patello femoral knee problems. We find that the demands of sport, dance, and rapid growth rate can create their own issues, which are best addressed early to prevent ongoing problems.

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used to treat children’s ailments for over 1500 years. Nowadays, we have a range of different options for children. Depending on the child we can prescribe the herbal medicine in pills, capsules or granule form. This means that it’s very achievable for parents to help their kids with natural medicine. The most common problems we treat with herbs are respiratory, digestive and skin problems in children. Chinese medicine can also be helpful with teenage acne.
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