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North India Matt at meditation crowded place

Matt back from India!

It was an incredible experience to be at a meditation retreat in Northern India. with people from all over the Himalayan region and from around the world.

Matt is now back in clinic on his usual days in Ivanhoe and more in his element than ever.¬†Also teaching more Wim Hof Method in private coaching sessions, weekend workshops and there’s a Wim Hof Method retreat in the works for May 2020! Shoot us a message if you’re interested and we’ll put your name down on our list.

Matt is also back teaching his Tai Chi class on Wednesday mornings at 9:15am. Join us if you’re free; we would absolutely love to grow the group! It’s just $15, all abilities and come as you feel, no bookings required. We meet at the clinic from 9:00am for a cup of tea then walk around to the back of the clinic to have the class in the beautiful Donaldson Creek Reserve, rain or shine.