old man holding his back

In pain?

elder man with back pain

Back pain

Pain, particularly if it is chronic and persistent, can affect all facets of life. At some stage, just about everyone will experience a significant episode of pain. When you’re in pain you want to get some basic answers to;
  • What is causing my pain?
  • How do I get rid of the pain?
  • How long will it take to go?
Our practitioners are highly skilled at identifying the causes of pain. From a physiotherapy perspective, we look at all aspects of your musculoskeletal and neurological health, assessing your movements, posture and alignment. Looking at the causes of your pain from a Chinese Medicine perspective can give us a deeper understanding of what is going on.
Once a clear picture has been established – we call it a “Holognosis”, a term we invented to describe our holistic diagnosis – then we can use the best natural pain relieving treatments.
Treatments that attend to the superficial symptoms alone often only provide temporary relief without addressing the underlying causes of pain. On the other hand, therapy which focuses solely on the long term factors without providing any immediate relief can leave a patient feeling dissatisfied.
Commonly patients describe seeking pain relief from a therapist and feeling frustrated by short consults with minimal hands-on treatment. They leave the session in the same amount of pain, booked in for a review of their rehab exercises the next week.
Here at the Centre Of Health we have a unique approach to managing pain. Our therapists provide a balance of hands-on techniques for immediate pain relief and measurable changes within the session, together with exercise prescription and lifestyle advice to address the root causes of your pain.
We believe if you visit a therapist in pain, you should leave the session feeling better, and with a clear idea of the plan ahead. Book an appointment with one of our caring practitioners and start on your journey to pain free happiness.