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Douha Hamoud

Bachelor of Biomedical Science (laboratory medicine) . Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) . Clinical Assistant
Douha Hamoud receptionist at Centre of Health Ivanhoe Physiotherapy and Chinese Medicine Clinic

Douha is here to help you on Thursdays

Douha Hamoud is our Thursday receptionist. With her extensive experience in customer service, she is ready to greet and welcome customers with a warm, welcoming smile.

Having previously completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science (laboratory medicine) at RMIT University and specialising in microbiology, she soon realised that her true calling lay outside the laboratory. Douha has always had a keen interest in natural medicine and has always believed that nature provides us with everything we need to heal and support our health and wellbeing. She began her Chinese medicine degree at RMIT Uni in 2023, studying acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

While healthcare has always played an important role in her career, Douha’s other passion lies in the pages of books and she hopes that one day in the near future she will be able to publish her own novel.