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Can Chinese Herbal Medicine assist in the treatment and prevention of COVID-19?

Chinese herbs have been used extensively in China during this outbreak, with reports of 80-90% of patients using Chinese medicine in conjunction with their medical treatment. Preliminary studies are showing better outcomes for those who have had Chinese herbal medicine as part of their treatment compared to those who didn’t.

If you’re still working in the community and are worried about your possible exposure to the virus, we would be glad to help you address this with a blend of personalised Chinese herbs to address your constitution while also boosting your respiratory health & immunity.
In Chinese medicine terms, COVID-19 is a Cold and Damp pathogen that puts strain on the lungs and digestion. Here are some signs that you might already have an excessive Cold-Damp pattern that makes you more vulnerable:

  • you tend to produce and hold mucous in your lungs already
  • you usually get colds that go straight to your chest giving you phlegmy coughs
  • you have digestive issues like bloating, gas and loose bowel motions
  • you get sleepy after eating large meals
  • you are sensitive to the cold weather and tend to get cold hands and feet
  • you feel tired and run down

Remember, the Chinese Medicine approach is to restore the body’s own optimal functioning and create a balanced internal environment that will allow you to fight off a pathogen should you encounter it. Whether it’s physical, mental or emotional support that you need, we can tailor your treatment advice and herbs to cater to your requirements.

If you’re interested in uncovering your constitution and pattern according to Chinese Medicine principles and harnessing this knowledge to strengthen your defences and boost your wellbeing, you can book an appointment on our website.