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Amanda Summerscales

Acupuncture . Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) . Clinical Assistant . Cupping . Cupping & Gua sha . Practice Manager
Amanda Summerscales TCM cupping Gua sha acupuncture Ivanhoe

Amanda is currently on maternity leave

Amanda Summerscales is our amazing Practice Manager and is also a fully qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner. As well as making sure the Centre Of Health is running beautifully, she helps co-treat with the other practitioners. Amanda is our go to person for cupping and Gua sha, and is a skillful and gentle acupuncturist.

Coming a family of Chinese Medicine practitioners, Amanda has grown up seeing the benefits of Chinese Medicine treatments. After beginning her studies in business at University, she realized this was not her passion and so went on to complete the 5 year degree in Health Science and Applied Science in Chinese Medicine at RMIT University.

Amanda loves to travel, and has had an incredibly wide range of work places ranging from outback Australian mining towns to top tier London restaurants.